Clothing Staples: where to go for rockabilly on a budget

Where, oh where can I get rockabilly clothes on a budget? Some ideas where I have shopped…


Target finds

Target has cardigans, striped tank tops, and the new dresses coming out have had polka dots or stripes. If the pattern is right, it can be pulled off.

I have also found sunglasses here, shoes, and scarves.

Ross dress for less

Typical Ross dress, stretchy fabric

I have found a lot of dresses at Ross for less than $30 that look retro. I also like to shop here for pants. Tops many times have had stripes, anchors, florals, or fun prints that I have liked. This is a great place for purses, as well.


A search for “rockabilly dresses”

Online is where I go for items that I cannot find anywhere else and I cannot afford in specialty rockabilly stores. I also have found pomade, corsets, red shoes (really hard to find in store for some reason), and a petticoat for under a-line dresses. Conveniently delivered to my door.

The mall: Forever 21, Claire’s, Hot Topic

I have found tops that have prints that I like at Forever 21, although the fit is not usually very rockabilly. It’s an affordable place, but I have to dig. I like the patterns like anchors, floral, or polka dots I have found here.

I have also found jewelry and hair accessories at Claire’s, which is more affordable when there is a sale.

Hair accessories

I haven’t found affordable items in clothing at Hot Topic, unless it has been clearance. But the accessories here have been great to get one or two peices. I have found sunglasses, purses, and hair accessories here.

My tried and true: the thrift store

Thrift store bridesmaid dress

My absolute favorite place to shop is the thrift store. I can get clothing I like and alter it, or most the time it is fine just how it is. I commonly search tops, skirts, scarves, belts, sweaters, and dresses. If I cannot wash it, I don’t typically buy it. Many finds have been almost new, and in very good shape. With some easy tricks, most peices can be pulled off (more to come later).

Happy hunting!


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