Rockabilly and pinup outfits sometimes just need the right shoe. I have basic, solid color shoes. The reason for this is they can go with any outfit I choose to wear that day. Embellishments can be added later in the form of shoe clips (removable) or covering your shoe with fabric (not removable).

When I am looking for an affordable pair of shoes, I choose to hunt at Target, Ross Stores, or Payless Shoe Source. You may have something similar in your area that offers inexpensive or discounted shoes. I consider inexpensive shoes to be under $25. Keep your eye out for percentage off at Target, Buy One Get One 50% Off at Payless, or be persistent in looking at Ross. Sometimes a search can be months to find something similar to what I have. Surprisingly, red shoes are the hardest to find!


The basic, everyday shoes I wear are flats. I have three of the same shoe in different colors. Red is what I wear when I am feeling bold or for a pop of color. Nude goes with light clothing while black goes with everything else. These are not hard and fast rules, either. I choose something easy to clean, such as patent, and they are less likely to scuff, like suede. This is a way I get more wear out of shoes.


Rockabilly and classier occasions sometimes call for heels. I choose solid color heels as they go with any outfit. I consider these a staple. Choosing three basic colors, such as dark, light, at a favorite color (red, of course) limits the amount of shoes you would need for any occasion. We can’t all have closets where we have a pair for each outfit.


Sometimes… a special buy is the kind of shoe that you just love, even if it doesn’t go with every outfit. Sometimes it goes with one outfit, or something very understated. For these I spent somewhere between $25-$40 a pair. They don’t get much wear but they are for those special outfits.

When choosing shoes, look for durability, something you could wear everyday, and something you love to get the most out of your buy. Happy shoe hunting!


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